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  • From the very beginning, our admissions team will greet you with warmth and empathy, creating a safe and welcoming environment. We will answer questions and help you to understand what your needs are and your personal story.
  • Provide a clear and detailed explanation of the services offered at Embark Counseling, including the various programs, treatment options, and what to expect during the treatment process. Expect the admissions team to ask questions to gather valuable information, such as the nature of the issue, current circumstances, insurance details, and any relevant medical history. This information helps determine the most appropriate level of care.
  • If applicable, the admissions team will assist callers with insurance verification to determine coverage and financial options.
  • Depending on the caller's needs, the admissions team may schedule an assessment or evaluation by a clinician to further assess the individual's condition and determine the most suitable treatment plan.
  • We will discuss risk factors, communication needs, logistics, and any other specific concerns to ensure we have a full plan.
  • Callers can expect to receive guidance on the next steps in the admissions process, including scheduling, paperwork, and what to bring if they decide to enroll in a program.

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Admissions Process


The process of selecting the best treatment program or professional counselor might be intimidating for someone seeking support. We provide a sophisticated procedure that addresses expenses, goals, and how we fit into the choice made by you or your loved one.

Step 1: The Initial Contact

The initial contact can be achieved in 3 simple ways. Call us, email us, or utilize the contact form on our website.


Step 2: The first time you speak with our team.

During our conversation, we will get to know the Clients' history, what services they are looking for, and their needs.


Step 3: Pre-Screening

In this step, we finalize your payment method (whether you are utilizing insurance or paying out of pocket) and ensure that we have all the information needed to get you set up in one of our programs.


Step 4: Admission

You come to our facility or get your intake documents virtually and be welcomed by our team of professionals.

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