Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


Program Overview

Our intensive outpatient program follows a clinically based curriculum with a structured approach that emphasizes clear goals and objectives. This will help guide Individuals to strengthen their lives, through acquiring practical coping skills, emotional regulation techniques, and strategies to address their specific challenges. Our program focuses on well-being through addressing not only immediate concerns but also the long-term mental and emotional health of individuals. We offer intensive outpatient programs for both substance abuse and mental health needs. Our substance abuse IOP caters to individuals struggling with addiction but still has educational and work commitments throughout the week. Our mental health IOP caters to clients struggling with disorders that cause disruption to their daily lives or have begun to have self-harm behaviors and suicidal ideation. Embark Counseling recognizes the importance of family support through encouraging family involvement and offers resources to strengthen family dynamics. Offered Monday through Friday, morning group and evening group. The time varies, and clients can schedule based on their needs. In person or virtual options are available!


What to expect

Whether you determine on your own that you or a loved one needs an intensive outpatient program, or our counseling team determines that with you, the process for starting will be similar. We start with an interview with our clinical team to determine which type of IOP would fit your needs and which group would be the best for you. We will also spend time going over your schedule, insurance information, and financial concerns to ensure once you commit to the group, you can move forward without reservations, questions, or concerns. Once the group starts, you can expect to be in our therapeutic setting for at least nine hours a week. We offer a variety of schedules to fit the needs of our busy clients, ensuring you get the level of care needed without interfering with professional and educational obligations. Programs typically last from six to eight weeks and clients are here three to five days a week. Once the program is completed, you can leave with practical skills and knowledge that will be incorporated into your daily life, making you a more balanced and harmonious version of yourself. Often, clients will move to professional counseling after completing an IOP to have a more individualized approach to incorporating these skills and create more accountability as they transition back to their normal lives.


Who is this program for?

IOP is suitable for those who require more than individualized therapy offers, but do not need the level of care provided in a residential or partial hospitalization setting. IOP is most effective when individuals are motivated and willing to make positive changes in their lives. It will benefit those that thrive in a structured treatment program. It offers multiple sessions per week to address mental health, substance use, or behavioral issues and will help individuals establish routines and coping strategies. Our groups are divided by need and during the initial assessment, our clinical team will determine which group would be the best fit for you. Our adolescent groups are for individuals between the ages of twelve and seventeen. These groups are typically divided between those suffering with substance abuse and those struggling with mental health. Our substance abuse program for adolescents can offer drug screenings and psychiatric care, if the team decides they need that level of care. Our mental health IOP for adolescents caters to teens struggling with self-harm, suicidal ideation, behavior dysregulation, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and any other disorder that impedes daily living. Whether you or your loved one are struggling with addiction or mental health, our intensive outpatient programs are catered towards those needs and offer an inclusive place to heal with limited disruptions to your day-to-day operations.


Key benefits: IOP Program

  • Individuals who need flexibility in their treatment schedule to accommodate work, school, or family commitments. Our IOP offers morning and evening sessions every day of the week to ensure accessibility. VIRTUAL OPTIONS TOO!
  • Immediately apply the skills and strategies learned in the program to your everyday situations.
  • Connect with peers who may be going through similar challenges, creating a supportive and understanding community

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